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5 Points to Remember Before You Start Bodybuilding


Beginners in the field of bodybuilding think that lifting heavy weights will bring magical results and will increase their muscle mass magically. If you are one of them, then think twice and this article will give you proper insights as well as three weight training tips to build muscle mass.

After including these tips in your bodybuilding regime you will maximize the results. Moreover, in order to achieve something big you are taking the fun out of your workout regime. You have enough motivation to lift the heavy weights, but believe me you are going nowhere. Do you know that by training hard, more than you require for an optimal growth, you are over training your muscles. Over training has its own negative effects and it will make your targets harder for you.

Why Changing Your Workout is Necessary?

You may have heard the word homeostasis; you may understand it as your body’s ability to adjust after a defined period of time. And this adaptation ability serves as the biggest hindrance in the way of muscle building if you don’t handle it adequately. When you work out regularly with heavy weights, then your muscles, joints, and nervous system becomes habitual of it. After a couple of weeks you will find that your body has completely adapted to your exercise routine. After doing the same exercises and same repetitions you will find that your muscles are not stressed out. This is the right time to shock your body as body wants new stimulus to grow.

Moreover, you are supposed to give attention to your muscles and it doesn’t matter how you give it? You can use machines, dumbbells or barbells to workout. In this article you will find three options to build muscle. Within a short duration weight training may raise levels of testosterone.

Body Buliding

Body Weight Training

This is a good training technique and you can start with this, you can use it in conjunction with weight training to accelerate your muscle gains. Bodybuilders are concentrating on every part of their body and they are good in doing pull-ups and push-ups which are also great body weight exercises. You can perform these exercises by single limb moves. Do one hand pull up and single-leg squat for a couple of weeks and you will find that you are capable of adding heavy weights to your barbell. Body weight training may raise levels of testosterone within the stipulated time frame.

Kettle Bell Training

This is the latest craze and most of the intelligent bodybuilders are using it. Although you will not find any increment in your pounds, but this is good in stimulating your nervous system and you will find your joints are also comfort able with it.

Plyometric Training

After doing three weeks of plyometric training, you will build a healthy brain muscle connection. This is a benefit which you will not get with other types of weight training.

Add New Weight Training Options Regularly

Using barbell and dumbbell is the main course of bodybuilders, but you cannot stick to this program only. Intelligent bodybuilders always incorporate other options in their bodybuilding routine and this helps them to maximize their muscle gain.