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Is Consuming Alcohol the Best Idea When On Testosterone Intake – An Overview


Alcohol has a way of causing negative impact on the body of the consumer. If men consume alcohol in excess level, then it will impact their body parts, which are responsible for the production of different hormones in their body, including testes.

“Maleness” in men is represented by the level of testosterone that is produced in their body. It is not necessary that testosterone production level is measured only through biological means. There are many synthetically produced supplements that can help men’s body to trigger the production of testosterone, by rectifying the problems in their testes and restoring them to their normal functioning mode.

When testosterone levels in men start fluctuating or even when they become lesser than the normal mode, the impact will be directly seen on the growth and development of secondary male organs and also in their overall body health. Hence, men with such testosterone level issues will usually make use of the synthetically prepared supplements such as Testim and AndroGel.

Alcohol and its Effect on Drugs

The body metabolic system metabolizes the alcohol present in the body just like any food item that our body takes in. The food item that enters the blood stream will be metabolized in liver, and the energy produced during the production will be stored in mitochondria. When the drugs that you take are already in the process of metabolism in the liver, it is not the best idea to add alcohol to the drug system.

Mixing drugs with alcohol intake will surely have negative impact on the body, and this will usually result with causing incurable impact on the health of the person. In order to extract the complete effect of drugs to your body, you should need to avoid alcohol intake, when on drugs or on anabolic supplement cycle.

Studies have shed light on the fact that men who consume more amount of alcohol suffer from irregular production of testosterone and androgen, and hence will suffer from poor reproductive ability. When tested on male rats, it was discovered that they failed to produce offspring successfully and also suffered from poor health conditions.

For enjoying excellent results from the Hormone Development steroids that you start taking, it is strongly suggested to stay away from alcohol till you complete the intake cycle. If you neglect the physician’s suggestion and consume alcohol, then there are chances that you experience some side effects such as high BP, irregular heartbeat, pain in the eye, severe headaches, etc.

To conclude, never drink alcohol if you wish to experience the expected results of your medication intake.