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Why Be Careful While Using Nandrolone?


Nandrolone is an injective anabolic steroid drug originally prescribed by medical practitioners for the treatment of Osteoporosis in older women and in cases of diseases with red blood count. Due to its benefits in increasing healthy muscle mass and its advantages proven in performance increment, it is also commonly used in the sports and fitness industry today. But, as other anabolic steroids, it also has some side effects, due to which doctors have started to stop prescribing this drug.

How it affect Men?

With its high usage by men, many effects have also been noticeable in men as well. Men with baldness problem will have to be very careful with the use of this drug. Its use may increase the problem. There have been proven cases of male developing breast tissue also known as gynecomastia. There have also been cases of erectile dysfunction and reduced sperm counts due to use of steroids.

The use of Nandrolone also increases blood pressure in many men. So, if you are a patient with high or low Blood Pressure issues, then It is better not to use the drug or even if you have to use it, then keep it monitored.  Apart from these, some other side effects that have been noticed are influence in the mood.

Some men may get irritated soon. Also found are some liver disease. In some cases, even worse that needs a visit to the doctor. Visit http://steroidly.com/nandrolone-side-effects/ for detailed information.

How it affect Women?

Nandrolone is a slow drug, but in fact a powerful one. It is known for its relatively lower side effects than other steroids. When used in a research for some AIDs female patients, the use of the drug showed a significant mass gains. But, it also showed side effects after treatment. Results show that it is less toxic and less powerful. But, it is toxic to some level.

In women, there may be chances of growth of body hair. Deepening of voice is another such side effect that was most commonly found. Other side effect seen was balding and enlarged clitoris. It is said that there are drugs to be used for post cycle therapy. But, in reality, there aren’t any that can really help.

No matter what steroid you use, be sure in taking a post cycle therapy. Post-cycle therapy is very common after using steroids. It is found to be helpful for men. Aromatase Inhibitors and Selective Estrogen Receptors Modulators (SERM) are the most important drugs to use. In men, usually they take these drugs to prevent gynecomastia. These drugs also help in restoring the hormonal balance.